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Threat Assessment

We perform a comprehensive analysis and assessment of your organization's cybersecurity vulnerabilities so you can plan and implement appropriate security measures and resources to effectively protect your IT infrastructure.

Multi-layer protection

We can support you at all levels of the OSI layer model.

From physical security to interface security, we can protect you from all Cyber-threats, no matter how high your security requirements are.


We have a team of developers who program security-related applications for you.

We cover the entire development process from A to Z, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Cybersecurity training

Humans by far present the biggest security vulnerability.

We offer courses for both untrained employees and experienced experts.

With us, you can book a complete package or tailor the training to your company's needs.

CyberSec Consulting

We advise you on the implementation, evaluation and planning of various Cybersecurity solutions.

Our expert team of consultants cover the entire Cybersecurity domain, providing you with a tailor-made solution.

Forensics and OSINT

Krypton's forensics and information specialists can help you with any questions or challenges you may face, whether it's data protection issues, privacy/OPSEC questions, or after a cyber incident.


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